Shadow Box (Images courtesy Shadowbox)

Shadow Box Remembers Just How Gnarly Your Last Run Was – Even If That Concussion Means You Don’t

Shadow Box (Images courtesy Shadowbox)
By Andrew Liszewski

A standard GPS device mounted to the windshield of your car will tell where on Earth you currently are, where you need to go, and if you’re lucky, where you’ve been. The Shadow Box provides similar functionality, minus the navigational aids though, that’s left up to you to be as creative as possible. You see the small box is designed to go along for the ride and record every bit of information so you can see just how ‘extreme’ your ride was. As a result it’s not really designed to just stick to a car’s windshield. Instead, it features adjustable ball-socket mounting feet with a super-adhesive grip allowing it to be stuck to snowboards, surfboards, bikes or pretty much anything.

Shadow Box Ride Tracker Application (Image courtesy Shadow Box)

Once you hit record the Shadow Box keeps track of everything an extreme athlete would want to know/brag about including the height, distance, hang time, speed, degrees of spins, rolls and flips, the launch angle and even the spin rate of any tricks. It also measures g-forces and the angle of your board at all times, and of course GPS positional data. When you stop recording you can immediately review a plot of your course on its OLED display (represented in 3D showing any and all jumps, flips etc.) upload the data to the Shadow Box Ridetracker software or even send it to Google Earth.

It definitely seems like a fantastic tool for reviewing a run, particularly for competitive athletes like surfers or snowboarders since it provides mountains of data you just can’t get from a video. But if you’re just an amateur and aren’t making money off of your sport, the $499 price tag is a bit steep, even for a device capable of measuring just how steep.

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