Brewsees Glasses Feature Beer Bottle Opener On Arm

Brewsees Glasses Feature Beer Bottle Opener On Arm

By David Ponce

There are beach sandals with beer bottle openers in the soles. Which is great and stuff, but when you think about it… the soles are pretty dirty things. What if you just stepped into some dog poo? You gonna want to open that beer? That was the through process that led one Rob Ianelli to found Brewsees Eyewear and create the “12?oz’er”.

The 12?oz’er is your go to pair of sunglasses with a fashionable wrap around style, black finish and of course, polarized lenses to keep that man face of yours free from those harmful UV rays. Each pair arrives in a custom beer bottle coozie you can use to keep your shades safe and by all means, keep the beer cold. Each opener is formed from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum and you’re going to feel how strong these puppies are.

It’s $30.

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