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Onkyo Announces Affordable 7.1 Home Theater System in a Box

Onkyo HT-SP908 Home Theater in a Box (Image via Onkyo)
By Shane McGlaun

When I hear the name Onkyo, I think of nice home theater products that are very expensive. Some of Onkyo’s AV receivers alone can run you into the $5000 range. When Onkyo announced their latest home theater in a box system I expected to see it priced well above what your average home theater fan is willing to spend.

Consider the specs on the HT-SP908 system with a full 1080p upconverting DVD player, 7.1 channel surround sound, XM and Sirius satellite radio ready, and an included iPod dock and the price of $1099 is a bargain.

The AV receiver is the Onkyo TX-SR605, which has a pair of HDMI v1.3 inputs and one output with the ability to decode Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS HD Master audio. The Onkyo DS-A1X remote interactive iPod dock is included. The speakers include a powered 10-inch subwoofer and each satellite has a pair of 3 1/8-inch woofers and a 1-inch dome tweeter inside. If you don’t have the space for a 7.1 system Onkyo offers the HT-SP904, which is a very similar 5.1 system selling for $899.

VIA [ Onkyo ]

Motorola Announces Special Edition Razr 2 V8 for Holidays

Motorola Razr 2 V8 Luxury Edition (Image via Motorola)By Shane McGlaun

Motorola announced a new special edition of its Razer 2 V8 for the holidays called the Luxury Edition. The special edition Razr is clad in 18K and 24K gold plated accents against a black slate, vacuum metal finish. Pin stripes on the CLI lens along with an engraved diamond-cut pattern on the sideband and etching on the navigation wheel with an embossed snakeskin effect make for a luxurious feel says Motorola.

The technical specifications are quad-band GPRS/EDGE functionality with a size of 53 x 103 x 12.05mm. Talk time for the phone is 250 – 450 minutes and standby time is approximately 200-300 hours. The display on the inside is 240×320 pixel 2.2-inch with 262k colors. The external display is a 2-inch 240 x 320 pixel 262k color screen. The phone is expected to be available in Q4 2007 in select areas at an undisclosed price.

VIA [ Motorola ]

Samsung Announces Limited Edition B’Phone

Samsung Beyonce B'Phone (Image via Samsung)By Shane McGlaun

Samsung has announced a new limited edition phone that will be exclusive to Sprint that aims to bring the “Glamour and Style” of Beyonce to her own B’Phone. The B’Phone is an update to the Samsung UpStage and uses a dual-sided design with a phone on one side and a MP3 player on the other.

The phone has a burgundy and gold color scheme and uses a Beyonce styled start up screen. Buyers of the phone will also receive exclusive access to premium content and video from a Beyonce photo gallery as well as a song form Beyonce when she was 10-years old.

The phone also has a 1.3MP camera and can support up to 2GB of external memory from a miniSD card. An extended battery wallet is included with the phone in matching burgundy and gold colors to increase talk time to 6.3 hours and music listening time to 14 hours. Battery gauges show remaining charge in the onboard battery as well as the wallet battery. The B’Phone will be available on November 4 at the Sprint website and in select Wal-Mart stores.

VIA [ Samsung ]

Webster’s Dictionary Fourth Edition on USB

Webster's Dictionary on USB (Image via Centon Electronics)
By Shane McGlaun

What modern student wants to carry around a real book dictionary? You don’t have to thanks to Centon Electronics thanks to its new fourth edition of the Webster’s New World College dictionary being available on 2GB or 4GB flash drives.

One cool feature about the digital version is that the dictionary has a word search function so you don’t have to thumb through pages looking for the word you need. This electronic version is a full version of the dictionary with over 160,000 entries. Also included are an expanded spell check feature and a misspeller’s dictionary to find words even if you misspell them. The 4GB version is available now for $64.99 and the 2GB version sells for $42.99.

VIA [ Centon Electronics ]

Gateway Announces New P-6822 Notebook Computer

Gateway Announces P-6822 Notebook (Image via Gateway)
By Shane McGlaun

Today Gateway announced two new laptops and a new desktop computer. The most interesting of the product announcements is the Gateway P-6822 notebook. This notebook uses Intel Centrino Duo Mobile technology and has a 17-inch widescreen WXGA+ TFT LCD with a 1440 x 900 screen resolution.

Graphics for the computer are onboard Intel GMA X3100 with up to 384MB of shared video memory. The system has 1GB of DDR2 667MHz RAM and system storage is to a 250GB 5400 RPM SATA drive. The optical drive is an 8x multi-format DVD +-R and RW drive that uses Lableflash for burning disc labels. A 1.3MP webcam is built-in and the notebook features an HDMI V1.2 out connector as well. The notebook will be available on October 14 for $949.99 and runs on Windows Vista Home Premium.

VIA [ Gateway ]

Three Chinese Dudes Build Transformer from Citroen C2

Custom Made Citroen Transformer (Image via Sci Fi Tech)
By Shane McGlaun

A trio of Chinese friends came up with their own Citroen C2 Transformer. They call the Transformer-like robot Autobot X2 and it does a good job of resembling Bumblebee from the movie. Let’s hope they gave their version a more appropriate voice for a Transformer.

The robot is said to weigh over 1323 pounds and the builder’s say they spent about $8000 constructing the gizmo. Next on their build list is reportedly Optimus Prime. Who knows what they intend to do with the robot now that it is complete. I’d hate to have that giant robot fall on me, I wonder how if it is free standing or has supports you can’t see in the image. Too bad it doesn’t really transform.

[ Gizmodo ] VIA [ Sci Fi Tech ]

Sony Announces Internal 4x Blu-ray Burner

Sony BWU-200S 4x Blu-ray Burner (Image via Sony)
By Shane McGlaun

Sony announced a new internal Blu-ray burner using a SATA interface for computers that has twice the burn speed of previous generations. The new BWU-200S burner has a 4x write speed enabling a full 50GB BD-R to be burned in 45 minutes. The burner can also write to DVD and CD media as well.

Software is included with the drive to allow users to capture, author, edit and burn HD content captured in HDV 1080i format from an HDV camcorder. Writing to both BD-R and BR-RW is possible. The drive uses the standard internal 5.25-inch form factor; though optical drives still commonly use PATA rather than SATA for connecting to the computer. Compatibility is with Windows Vista and XP. The BWU-200S will be available next month from Sony Style for about $600.

VIA [ Sony ]

Zippo Hand Warmer Keeps You Toasty

Zippo Hand Warmer (Image via Zippo)By Shane McGlaun

Here in Texas we are still seeing temperatures in the mid-80’s to the low 90’s routinely, but in other parts of the country it’s getting to the point where you need to start thinking about staying warm. Zippo has a product just for keeping your paws warm called the Zippo Hand Warmer. Notably, it warms your hands without using an open flame.

This gizmo claims to produce as much as 10 times the amount of heat as normal hand warmers are capable of. The hand warmer can produce heat for up to 24 hours on 0.4 ounce of lighter fluid. Zippo says the entire gizmo is environmentally friendly thanks to the only disposable portion being the burner. Hunters will like it because it produces low odor so the wild game won’t be scared off by the scent.

VIA [ Zippo ]

Gateway Launches 30-inch XHD3000 Computer Display

Gateway XHD3000 30-inch Display (Image via Gateway)
By Shane McGlaun

Gateway has jumped into the high-end 30-inch LCD market with its new XHD3000. The display has the same 2560 x 1600 screen resolution that you will find on all 30-inch LCD displays on the market. However, Gateway does offer some unique features on the XHD3000.

The first unique feature is the ability to upscale 1080p video from your Blu-ray or HD DVD player to what Gateway calls 1600p resolution. The XHD300 also has HD picture-in-picture capability. Connectivity options are fantastic on the XHD3000 with the ability to connect to six different devices simultaneously.

The display has one HDMI, one analog VGA, one DVI-D, two component, one composite and one S-video input. Also included are six USB ports. Built-in speakers are included and the display has an S/PDIF coax and Toslink out. The response time for the panel is 5ms, contrast is 1000:1, and the brightness is 400 cd/m2. You can buy the XHD3000 now at Gateway for $1699.99.

VIA [ Gateway ]