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Survivor Shot by Tomy

gunsBy Michelle Cheung

This is awsome. The “Survivor Shot” revolver by Tomy is a kit for playing laser tag wherever you want. It includes a toy gun and a headband. The gun simulates as a 10 bullet revolver, and the barrel actually rotates. The headband has an optical receiver that covers 360 degrees and vibrates when it’s been hit within a range of 15 meters.

One pair of these kit will cost around $83.

Check out Survivor Shot.

And a review on this product. (Japanese)

Xiaostyle Digital Camera By Tomy

By Michelle Cheung

This reminds me of Sony’s DSC-U30 from a few years ago. They both have this tiny little LCD screen on the back.

The Xiaostyle (Xiao means “little” in Chinese, just in case you are wondering) by Tomy is a digital camera. Targeted for female users, it is equipped with 5 mega pixel (CMOS) and is very lightweight: 111g. With 16MB of internal memory, it uses SD cards and comes with this nice little leatherette case.

Coming out late September, no word on price yet.

Read more about Xiaostyle.

Aprica For Ferrari Baby Product

Baby Ferrari seatBy Michelle Cheung

This is not the first time a big brand has licensed their brand logo to other companies’ products. This time, it’s Ferrari for Aprica’s baby products. The company collaborated with Pininfarina (which designs Ferrari); Aprica has come up with several products for babies, including strollers and baby car seats. It provides more, er, motivation for car loving dads to be more proactive in their rearing. The Ferrari baby car seat is priced around $1052 (but I have seen it online for around $ 400).

Check out Aprica.

Story via Nikkei Design.

“Wakamaru” Robot For Home Use

Put Your Hands In the AIR!By Michelle Cheung

This robot has been in the news since the 2003. And now, it’s in the news, all over the place, again. What’s the deal? Well, it’s finally available for sale.

Developed for home use by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the “Wakamaru” is about 3 feet tall, built with various sensors and image processing functions.

It downloads the informations (eg. weather forecast) you need from the internet, sends messages, it does schedule management (robot morning call) and has house sitting abilities. It is also able to do face recognition, for up to 10 faces. 100 limited edition units will be for sale at the price of $14,204 plus a monthly fee of $135.

Check out “Wakamaru”.

Story Via

1930 Fraternal Supply Catalog No. 439

OH the face!By Michelle Cheung

This is industrial design from back in the late 1800s to early 1900s. And I thought college fraternity/sorority hazing in the modern days was bad… Some of this stuff from back in the days is just as awful (I have to admit some of it is even funny).

De Moulin Bros. & Co. is a company that produced all sorts of paraphernalia, gag devices and furniture for lodge organizations and fraternal orders.

On the right we have “The Molten Lead Test”. The guy looks like he’s about to pee in his pants because he thinks he is about to dip his hand in molten lead, but it is actually just a bowl of water with mercury powder (oh the poison!).

“This request will cause a display of his rebellious nature and it is necessary for the attendants to show their authority by assisting the candidate in this painful (?) performance.”

Geez… how some people would go so far just to screw with people’s minds.

Check out the catalog for all sorts of products.

Story Via we make money not art.

“Big Headphones” prototypes by Mixko

Big Head needed for these heaphoneBy Michelle Cheung

Want an easy way to convince your drunk friends that they have shrunk? Show them a pair of these “Big Headphones”. They may look like big ‘cheap’ headphones, but my guess is that they are oh so very expensive.

“Enlarged earphone speakers produced to look and sound great hung from the ceiling or placed on the floor.”

These babies come with roughly 32 feet of cable (?!) (it’s already hell when I tried to untangle my regular length cable, let alone 32 feet).

Mixko also created the Funkey and many other whimsical products, so check it out.

Introducing Google Talk (GIM?)

GIM is here!By Michelle Cheung

Christmas has come early for nerds geeks around the world. Well… on the West Coast at least. Google Talk has come out several hours before Wednesday, thanks to a tip by my friend omar.

It works like Gmail and people will need to have an invite in order to use it. It comes with pleasant sound effects and a clean interface. It doesn’t seem like it has file sharing capability like AIM and MSN. It does allow your to “Call” your friends on the list. Skype will be peeing its VoIP pants now.

It doesn’t come with a lot of features (less than AIM I would say), but maybe that’s the beauty of it: keeping it simple. And if you have Gmail, you’re already registerd. So go on, give it a try. You know you want to.

Check out Google Talk.

“Privacy Filter” For Your Cellphone

Cellphone Privacy FilterBy Michelle Cheung

Cellphones in Japan are usually way ahead of the rest. Text messaging, watching TV on the phone and online shopping are wildly popular in Japan. So then, just imagine you are sending top secret messages or looking at porn on your cell. It could happen. You probably wouldn’t want anyone else to know about it, and that’s why these are selling so well.

They are called “Mail Block” in Japan. Like the privacy filter for the monitors, sticking this piece of plastic on your cellphone screen will narrow the viewing area so that screen data is visible only to persons directly in front of the monitor. The plain one costs about $2.50. (uh… nsfw guys)

You can also find tons of other designs on, from Aladdin to Yoda. Just search for “display” if you can’t find them. They also carry the previously featured “marimo“.

Turn Your Shuffle Into A Dog Tag

Shuffle Dog tagBy Michelle Cheung

Some of you might have something engraved on the back of your iPod, but it’s a shame Apple doesn’t offer the same service to their iPod Shuffle. See, because customization can be fun.

Here we have the “iPod Shuffle Metal Color” by PowerDesign. The design is available in two types of metal finish: Mat silver or Hairline (?!) for about $8. For about 3 bucks more you can add in text. I believe the metal finish is actually a thin piece of plastic for you to put on the shuffle (instead of real metal like this).

This is not yet available on the company’s US site and there are more selections through other countries’ sites.

Check out PowerDesign.