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TakaraTomy Rhythmbits; Not a Boyband, Still Adorable

By Ryan Nill

The TakaraTomy tortoises are back! And upgraded! The newly dubbed Rhythmbits are little plastic robo-turtles that walk around your desk and respond to sound. Not at all useful but still very very cute. They feature exchangeable shells and they respond to your voice. They turn and dance to music and respond to your voice with whistling. It does this all with a gramophone shaped receiver that analyzes the sound and then guides the robo-turtle wirelessly via infrared. Endearing.

Available now from the TakaraTomy for about 14$.

[ TakaraTomy ] VIA [ Newlaunches ]

Urban Beautification; Tag Your Own Train

graffiti-train.jpg By Ryan Nill

Urban Beautification is one thing, vandalism is another. Now I’m not saying the we support tagging, but it does bear to mention that a little spray here and there does manage to shake the mouthbreathers up. But why suffer all the indignation of jail and community service? Tag your own property, or more specifically you own little train. While not the most useful thing to do, it is rather soothing.

The Graffiti Train is a tiny blank white train perfect for your vandalism needs. Its available from Firebox, for about 35$. Oddly enough, the minimum fine for defacing public property is about 30$ and some community service, so take it with a grain of salt.

[ Firebox ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]

Vox amPlugs; Stop Annoying Me, You Filthy Hippies


By Ryan Nill

Your guitar is far too loud and no one really wants to hear your rendition of Freebird. Plug this into your guitar and along with a pair of headphones and save us all a little bit of suffering.

The little amps run off two double A’s and come in three new and exciting sounds; Classic Rock, Metal and AC30. Sadly, they all look roughly the same, but its still a pretty nifty music gadget for 70$. Available now from the rather British looking Vox site.

[ Vox Amps ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Your Secret Garden; Haute Horticulture

la bague gazon

By Ryan Nill

Questionable fashion gets an “Eco” twist in this chunky ring that features haute horticulture. The large porcelain fashion rings actually come with compost and seeds; you grow your own fashion statement. It takes about 15 days for the ring’s seeds to sprout and mature, after that it will be ready to wear. Sure, they’re dangerously green, maybe a little less than dangerously stylish. They also are dangerously expensive, with prices between 70 and 120 Euros.

[ La Bague Gazon ] VIA [ Red Ferret ]

Plush(ie) Chairs

By Ryan Nill

Just as I predicted in 2004, here is a chair whose seat is made entirely of plush pandas. It is probably disgustingly expensive, in addition to be disgustingly cute. But it is also limited edition, so some enterprising person will either have to go for broke or end up gluing little sister’s entire collection together. It’s your choice.

Made by design group Estudio Campana in Brazil, it is apparently commentary on complex socio-economic ideals. I am torn between dearly wanting one of these and my extreme disgust for people who make art and then write an essay on it.

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Revolver Hairdryer

By Ryan Nill

This Hairdryer is shaped like a revolver, and is creatively titled the “Western Hairdryer”. Place the barrel to your head, pull the trigger and you’ll be one more step closer to perfect locks. I envision something a bit more ironic; a suicide consisting of someone blow-drying his or her hair with this in a bath of champagne and Xanax.

Sadly, it is only available in Japan and it costs about 40$, which is way too much for a hairdryer without a finger diffuser.

[ Nodaya ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

About Time Clock Gives Inaccurate Time

By Ryan Nill

What time is it? Well, its apparently “maybe more like around eight.” While this isn’t accurate enough for something along the lines of cooking, being useful, or being anywhere on time there are those of us who are not wedded to normal people time (writers, insomniacs, plumbers or UPS delivery men). To those unique beings, this clock could be slightly interesting. Featuring one long sentence of vaguely time related details, the About Time clock slowly rotates around a flat surface, indicating what time it’s “about.” Much like a large top. Or a piece of performance art.

This clock makes a distinct statement for 179$, available now at Greenhead. Maybe it would be prudent not to expect the best shipping service in the world.

[ The Greenhead ] VIA [ Newlaunches ]

Crown7 Nicotine Hit-Stick

crown7original-unit.jpg By Ryan Nill

The Crown7 electronic cigarette delivers your hit of nicotine whenever you need it. Just turn it on, pull it to your lips and take a drag of your favorite body chemistry changing drug; it’s a lot like the real thing, sans the fire. No longer will the masses be forced to drag around boxes of highly taxed death sticks or be forced in to submission by fire; this electronic cigarette delivers a statement on your ability to both scoff at the smoking bans and announce your over-dependence on an outside chemical to the world.

Available in a sleek narco-stick (100$) format as well as the more elegant pipe (150$) and the basic cigar (67$). Replacement Nicotine cartridges run about 10$, less if you buy in bulk. The high price may offset some, but if you’re buying cigarettes, you should be used to extreme price gouging already.

[ Crown7 ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Bastard Combination of Toaster and Teapot Reveals Death Urge

teatoaster.jpg By Ryan Nill

Combining two vaguely related breakfast items, toast and tea, the Toaster Teapot is a potentially dangerous combination. Dangerously British, that is. One part toaster, one part teapot, it is truly the ultimate unholy union between kitchen appliances. The Toaster Teapot features a distinct retro styling, which may tickle the fancy of some, but the water and electric circuitry cohabiting in close proximity could however prove to make some a little nervous. Available in extremely limited quantities from Teapottery, for about 40$US. Get one before the class action suit begins!

[ Teapottery – Home of the Eccentric Teapot! ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]