Zivix Headliner Digital Guitar Is Rock Band & Guitar Hero Friendly

Zivix Headliner Digital Guitar (Image courtesy Zivix)
By Andrew Liszewski

A Minneapolis-based company called Zivix has developed a real guitar with special fingertip sensors allowing it to be used with games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. The idea is that players who’ve spent countless hours mastering the games might actually be able to learn to play a real guitar at the same time, since the Headliner features strings and is the same size as a standard electric guitar.

There’s no official release date for the Headliner just yet, but according to an anonymous submission on Slashdot, Zivix has managed raise about $800,000 and hopes to have the guitar on store shelves sometime this year. But convincing gamers they should shell out $249 for the ‘real’ experience provided by the Headliner, as opposed to the not-so-real experience of a $40 Guitar Hero ax will probably be the company’s biggest hurdle.

[ Zivix Headliner Digital Guitar ] VIA [ StarTribune.com ]

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