Zigview S2 Motion Sensing Digital Viewfinder For DSLRs

Zigview S2

By Evan Ackerman

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a DSLR as a step up from a compact digicam, one of the things you’ll have to get used to is looking through a viewfinder, instead of at an LCD, to compose your pics. Unless, of course, you get yourself one of these digital viewfinders (or a really fancy and expensive camera). The Zigview S2 digital viewfinder simply uses a small camera to reproduce whatever it sees in your viewfinder on a 2.5 inch LCD, with a refresh rate of 25 fps. It also offers some features that you won’t find even on fancy and expensive DSLRs… You can flip and rotate the screen, or even detach it completely and (with the help of a few extension cables) use it up to 30m away from the camera. A control on the LCD itself allows you to trigger the shutter from that distance. Or, you can use a built-in motion sensing feature to have the screen trigger the camera whenever something changes in-frame. You’re even able to set the detection interval, shutter delay, and exposures per detection.

The Zigview S2 offers a lot of cool features; the only problem when it comes to remote applications is that it partially defeats the purpose of having a DSLR in the first place: being able to manually control your camera. Seems like it would be just about perfect for wildlife photography, though… If you can handle leaving your shiny new DSLR off on its own. Cost: $470.

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  1. Well, I never. There are photo-graphic apparatuses for capturing permanent images, wherewith to operate them one doth not use a display screen, but gazes through an optickal contraption called “view finder”!

    How shall I ever GET USED to handling technologickal oddities such as that!

    …Man, you’re trying very hard to give us 30-plus folks a mid-life crisis here, aren’t you?

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