ZAP Cane Packs A Hidden Punch

ZAP Cane Packs A Hidden Punch

By Chris Scott Barr

Whenever you see someone with a cane, you think that they are likely injured or have a disability. With this not-so-innocent-looking ZAP cane, you better make sure you don’t upset whoever owns it or you will be in some serious trouble.  It has a carrying case to make it look ominous (if that’s possible), and a charger to keep it juiced up. This handy ZAP cane let’s its holder pack a bit more punch than necessary…about 1 million volts to be exact.

Though it can be illegal in some states, this is an awesome cane to have on hand. It’ll set you back about 90 bucks and it even has a flashlight so you can see who you’re roasting if it’s dark.

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2 thoughts on “ZAP Cane Packs A Hidden Punch”

  1. lol. A Stun-cane with a flashlight? I'd want to buy this one because I can go ninja on people who wants to steal from me. I'd act all old and if I saw a snatcher run, I'll chase him with my trusty Stun-Cane!

    The flashlight looks out of hand though. Why would the makers of this cane put flashlight on it? Is it to fool other people by saying look it's a cane with flashlight! (?)

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