Zanier’s Heat-GX Self-Heating Gloves

Not sure that I want to be rocketing down some ski slopes with lithium batteries strapped to my wrists. Then again, if it keeps me fingers warm and toasty, why not? These GoreTex gloves, the Heat-GX from Zanier are self-heating, and will stay hot for up to 10 hours, depending on the setting:

1 30?C 86?F 10 hrs
2* 37?C 98.6?F 4.5 hrs
3 55?C 131?F 2 hrs
* Setting 2 is the most common setting.

Of course, they’re not cheap, at $250.

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11 thoughts on “Zanier’s Heat-GX Self-Heating Gloves”

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  2. has no men’s sizes of the ZSanier Heat GX gloves. There appears to be no other US suppliers. Anyone know where to find these? Please email me; ricst (at) usa dot net.

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  5. Just make u’r own its simple. Get a glove, get some resistance wire under 10 Oms
    get a little aluminum square kitchen foil in a square shape for the fingers. Place the wire on the foil one side only (twice if u want double heat but bat life will be shorter).
    And u’r done. O i forgot to mention u need to stitch it in, If u can’t stitch get someone in a college to do it for u, the students always offer to do thing for free and to help boost their grades, thats what I did, hey! one even asked if i wanted garments made with wires at cost prices so she can get good marks, ( u never know u’ll make u rich these days).

    If u’r too shy and don’t want to go that far then get a relative to stitch it in for u or learn it ur self.

    NOW the hard part.
    The battery. A normal battery on the market won’t last longer then 15mins. So u need the high powered ones. Yes they are expenses but trust me u can make the same ones they charge on the net for quarter the price. easy….well we will see.

    The batteries I used were NiMH batteries, because they charge up better and I think they last longer. I personally dislike NiCad batteries because they arent friendly to the planet and they draw too much power to charge up and seem to inaccurately display how much power is in. Which is kinda hard when u’r trying to decide if u’ll go another day without charging, U’ll end up frozen in the middle of a train just when u though u were warm. So i would use NiMH batteries.

    Now you should use AA batteries instead of AAA or one 9volts battery, Here is the reason why.
    The AAA are to small and don’t last as long but will have the same current as the AA going through. The 9v has power but less mAh ( look at it like thrust, less trust).
    I would go for something like AA 2900mah NimH rechargeable batter for about $4usd each, u would want 6 of them, that should give 7 to 12 hrs of heating.

    Battery link:

    now theres to way off making them Maplin (uk co) uses 6 batteries 2 small pouches of 3 batteries per side of jacket or u can have one set of 4 at the bottom of the jacket. the 6 batteries will of course last longer but 4 is more managable, I personally like to live longer so I decided to make 2 small pouches, and when done properly by students u don’t even notice them. Until u start freezing. lol

  6. O and am hoping to sell my stuffs ranging from £10 GBp to £20GBp end of next yr 2008, not that am trying to make money, these ones are going to be for third world countries where they can’t afford 150GBp

    My ones are more for the poor then the rich or middle class. Same tech but cheaper ways of making them. And since I’ll be making them from my back garage I won’t really have wholesale bills.

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