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Z-Cart Concept Would Make Grocery Shopping Incredibly Awesome / Incredibly Scary

Z-Cart Concept (Image courtesy Mete A. Mordag)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Z-Cart concept, designed by Mete A. Mordag, is supposed to make grocery shopping excursions a little easier and more organized thanks to a set of removable baskets and a unique expanding design for extra large loads. But I couldn't care less about those features. What piques my curiosity is the rechargeable electric scooter accessory which attaches to the back of the cart and lets you stand while zipping around the store. On one hand, power-sliding around the corner into the cereal aisle is one of my many childhood dreams, but on the other hand, since I already get rammed by seniors with non-powered carts, grocery shopping could end up being a total free-for-all. Still, far more entertaining.

[ Z-Cart ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

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