You’ve Copied Tapes And CD’s, Now Copy Your Old Vinyl Records

By Chris Scott Barr

Since the age of the cassette tape, it’s been pretty easy to make backups of your favorite music. Cassettes, CD’s and straight mp3’s are all easy to duplicate. Vinyl records, however, aren’t so easy to do. Sure, you can make digital copies of the tracks, but many people will tell you that listening to the same track on vinyl makes a huge difference. You’ll a way to make exact vinyl copies of your old records if you want to maintain that original sound. If you’ve ever wanted to do this, apparently it’s not terribly difficult.

The process involves making a silicone cast of the record, then pouring in some liquid plastic to make your own copy. Sure, it’s not nearly as simple as popping a CD in your computer and hitting “copy disc” in your favorite software, but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless.

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