YouTube Upgrades Video Streaming To 1080p

By Chris Scott Barr

It’s getting hard to remember life before YouTube. Before our favorite video streaming site existed, we had to scrape by with America’s Funniest Home Videos and the occasional gem on Newgrounds. These days not only do we get to watch millions of stupid (and once in a while educational) videos, but they’re also available in 720p. Of course in this age of high-definition TVs, YouTube knows it could do better. And starting this week, they will.

That’s right, this week the site will allow users to upload videos in 1080p, and play them back in the same resolution. It seems that some videos that were previously uploaded in 1080p have already been converted. The above video has been confirmed to be streaming at full 1080p. It looks great (in comparison to SD), loads fast and has no stutters when streaming for me. What do you guys think?

[ YouTube ] VIA [ Dvice ]

5 thoughts on “YouTube Upgrades Video Streaming To 1080p”

  1. I don't know some youtube videos are scaring enough without the quality. Imagine Hi-res of that fat woman singing “sittin on a toliet” or any other videos of unflattering people. This is a double edge sword…

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