YourPND – For People That Love To Hear Themselves Talk


By Luke Anderson

I have a tendency to talk a lot, especially in long car rides. I think it’s mostly because I just don’t like the silence, even if there is music playing. Other people seem to think it’s because I enjoy the sound of my own voice. This is actually far from the truth as I hate listening to recordings of myself. That’s exactly the reason why I wouldn’t ever use the YourPND service, which would have me being bossed around by myself every time I got in the car.

The service actually lets you replace the generic GPS voice with your own, thus you can give yourself directions around town. Seriously, am I the only one that’s just a little weirded out by this? Well if you aren’t then you can use this on your TomTom GPS, Garmin, Mio and MyGuide products are expected to be supported sometime in the future. It’ll only cost you around $10 to set up.

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