Your Social Media Presence Has Turned Into An Obsession? Fliike Has Got You Covered


The Fliike is an old-school mechanical counter. What it counts, however, is not so old-school: it’ll keep a tally of how many likes your Facebook profile has garnered. You simply plug it in, setup WiFi, give it access to your account, and lean back. It’ll serve as a glowing reminder that an intervention may be in order sometime soon, and will tell all your IRL friends just what sort of person you are. We’re thinking that if you need that much validation from online strangers and not-so-strangers, maybe you should altogether forgo IRL friends. IRL friends, after all, show their appreciation for your presence through actions and deeds, and not just the press of a virtual on-screen button; that could be a little too much to handle, don’t you think? In any case, if the Fliike is calling your name, it’ll cost you $390. That’s right. $390.

(We’re really hoping this is a hoax.)

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