Your Scotch On The Rocks Now Comes With Real Rocks

By Luke Anderson

On a hot Summer day, nothing beats an ice-cold drink. Unfortunately, in order to keep your drinks cool in the outdoor heat, you have to resort to ice cubes, which tend melt fast and leave your drink a bit watered-down. I have a set of plastic ice cubes that I really like, because they serve the same function, but without adding the extra water to my drink. Another cooler looking alternative would be these Nordic Rocks.

Yes, these are actual rocks that you put in your drink. It may sound a bit strange, but these Swedish rocks have the uncanny ability to hold their temperature for longer than your average stone. Just store them in the freezer and plop a couple in your drink to keep it cool and water-free. They’re just a little expensive at $30 for a set of 10 cubes, but probably worth the investment in the long-run.

[ Mocha ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

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