Your Dog Wants An LED Tail Communicator

By Evan Ackerman

Unless you own Lassie (or maybe Triumph), you probably have no idea what your dog is saying most of the time. This prototype LED wand operates on the same principle as the Lampex LED message wand that we wrote about last year: persistence of vision turns a line of moving, blinking LEDs into text. The only difference here is, instead of waving a wand around with your arm (and looking like an idiot), your dog waves the Tail Communicator around with its tail. The Tail Communicator measures the WPM (wags per minute) and translates that into what your dog supposedly wants.

This concept was also shown as part of a Wired story from back in 2005 about Augmenting the Animal Kingdom. Other concepts from the article include night vision goggles and GPS devices for rodents and stealth jackets for whales; check out the slide show here.


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