Your Dog Does NOT Want A Pet Washing Machine

By Evan Ackerman

Straight out of a Wallace and Gromit film (actually, it’s from France) comes this automatic pet washing machine, that “eliminates the stress produced by current pet cleaning methods.” Yes, they actually say that. Not only does the Pet Spa safely wash your pet with hydro massage jets, it’s also able to deliver “a variety of medications and chemicals” (like flea powder, I’m guessing). After the wash, your pet gets to enjoy a nice relaxing blow-dry. It’s designed to be totally safe for your pet, with continuous air circulation and water jets that come out of the floor to avoid eyes and ears. Designed for large pet stores, the Pet Spa costs over $30,000. Suggested cost per wash is $15; actual cost in shampoo and stuff is only 45 cents. Although you can stuff yourself inside the compartment to keep your dog company, based on the video, I would not recommend doing the same thing with your cat.

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14 thoughts on “Your Dog Does NOT Want A Pet Washing Machine”

  1. this is ANIMAL ABUSE! the freaking french need a reality check! what is next? an infant or child washing machine!! unbeleivably horrible & truly assinine! i cannot beleive some rich french businessman invested in this insane idea! i am completely horrified. i would not put my pet in that nor would i place any living thing in such a contraption!!! insanity!!!

  2. What a horrible, horrible thing to do to our beautiful animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    THIS IS ANIMAL ABUSE BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Something is really wrong with whoever invented this and to whomever would use this abusive contraption!!!!
    How totally lazy can man be that he cannot take the time and gentleness to give his best friend a relaxing bath,,,The Bible speaks of kindenss to animals and surely this is far opposite of kindness. Kathy

  3. Postively no way would I ever put my cat or dog through that torture!! That is just horrible and the creator of that machine needs to be put through it time and time again with HOT water for punishment!! Anyone who is so lazy or lacks the time to bathe their pet in a more gentle manner should not own a pet.

  4. The fact that this is even a debate if this is ANIMAL CRUELTY is ludicrous! Only a serial killer would find this acceptable. If I see that machine in any store, pet shop, etc. I will throw whoever is running the machine in and see how he/she feels!!! Life is no way to treat an animal – Kurt Vonneget

  5. what idiot came up with the worst idea ever…….. I would never put any animal in this dumb ass machine……Sorry!!!!!! CAN YOU SAY…. ANIMAL ABUSE.
    I will never understand why people are so stupid.

  6. You all need to relax. One day there is going to be a human version of this. Its not like the animal are getting hurt. They use state of the art medications and pet soaps to do things that would otherwise be impossible to do to your pet like putting flea powder all over your pet. It is totally safe and it is designed to avoid the eyes and ears. You need to stop jumping to conclusions and think.

  7. Pets are a part of your family, why would anyone one want to abuse them? Would you put your child in a washing machine, I don’t think so? Whoever invented this is an IDIOT AND NEEDS TO BE IN AN INSANE ASYLUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. its water and air, how is that animal abuse? The one guy even got in there with his dog! The only reason the animals look upset and distressed is because they don’t like baths! give your dog or cat a bath, and see how it reacts. probably in a pretty similar manner to this. i think animal abuse is awful, but this is definitely not animal abuse.

  9. Man, you people are idiots. Go back to your PETA forums.
    If spraying your animal with water, medication, and shampoo is “torture”, I don’t see how you can reason that a bath by hand is any less traumatic than this.

    My cat freaks out JUST like that cat when we give him a bath in our tub.

    Cats hate water, but they too need to be cleaned… Life goes on.
    As for the dogs, they practially looked to be enjoying it!

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