You Sleep In A Car Bed? Pfft! I Sleep In A Jet Engine Bed

747 Jet Liner Bed (Image courtesy Motoart)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well that’s not entirely true. I don’t actually sleep in a jet engine bed yet, but that’s because Motoart has only recently announced their 747 Jet Liner Bed that uses an authentic 747 engine nacelle crowning as the headboard. It also features an 84-inch diameter round mattress (since according to them, round beds are apparently making a comeback) and the open ends where the nacelle has been cut in half are covered with plexiglass allowing you to see the internal structure.

Pricing is available upon request, so I’ll let you come to your own ballpark figure on what one of these unique beds actually costs.

[ 747 Jet Liner Bed ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

8 thoughts on “You Sleep In A Car Bed? Pfft! I Sleep In A Jet Engine Bed”

  1. Greetings again Andrew!

    Glad you like our 747 Jet Liner Bed. It is a fun way to have your dreams take flight, no? We’re working on something new so make sure to keep an eye on to see what it is!

    Best Regards,
    The Crew at MotoArt

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