You Never Knew You Wanted A Piece Of 3D Printed Norway, Did You?


Apparently Norway has some pretty impressive landscape, so much so that Shapeways is letting you select a piece of Norwegian terrain and 3D print it. We suppose that the land of Fjords has the type of terrain that makes for prettier 3D models, so we don’t resent the fact that it’s there instead of, say, Siberia. The way it works is that you move a selector square around a map of the country, and then press a button to purchase. That section will be printed into a 10cm by 10cm (4in. by 4in.) square, so the larger an area you select, the less detail it’ll have. However, considering that it’ll cost you $100 to do this, we imagine you’re gonna need to have some serious respect for fancy landscapes, because as far as we’re concerned, we’d be satisfied with a (free) Google Earth fly-by.

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