You Know What Your Android Device Needs? More Physical Buttons


Meet Pressy. Pressy is an extra physical button that inserts into the audio jack of your Android device and magically adds a bunch of extra functionality. While touchscreens have revolutionized cellphones over the last 5 to 6 years, there’s no denying that real, hard buttons still have their place. Just think of the volume rockers, or mute toggles on your current devices. Why should your expensive device be limited by the visions of designers guided mostly by a profit-maximising aesthetic? Pressy is brilliant because it’s customizable. Through its related application you can set it to, say, call your mom on two quick presses, or launch a particular application after a long-short combo, or take a picture after two short ones, or even turn the flashlight on after one really long press. You decide how you use Pressy.

The Pressy app is solid as it is, but with the API being open to developers, the button has the potential to add even more dimension to other programs. Games could use it, for example.

Currently undergoing funding on Kickstarter, the project has already exceeded its goal almost tenfold. $17 will get you your own, with a March 2014 expected deliver date.



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