Find Stuff in Multiple Cloud Services in a Snap


A lot of people resisted the cloud when it first came to be. However, you’re probably already using cloud a lot these days, from your email storage and notes apps to file storage and archiving. Eventually, there will come a time where you’ll forget where you stored a certain file or which email inbox a certain message was sent to. You could search all of your apps and accounts manually–which is task that’s infinitely harder when you’re working from your mobile–or you could just fire up CloudMagic.

CloudMagic lets you search for whatever it is you’re looking through all of your cloud-hosted data. Some features include: multiple accounts searching, singular view of all data, rich previews and actions, partial word search, search multiple devices, and search result filters.


The app is compatible with Gmail, Dropbox, Drive, Hotmail, Exchange, SkyDrive, Yahoo! Mail, Box,, Evernote, Office 365, Windows Live, and more, so it’s highly likely that you can use CloudMagic with your existing accounts. It’s pretty easy to get on your Android device: just head to the Google Play store, search for “CloudMagic,” and tap the app to install.

If you’re still on the fence about the cloud, don’t be. For one, the prices being charged by providers don’t cost a premium anymore. Developers and service providers are also more conscientious about virtual security and getting it right, so there’s little to worry about on that end as well. A lot of major companies have already adopted and moved to the cloud, so that should appease your doubts as well.

There are two versions of CloudMagic that are available. The first one is the free version, which will give you up to 50 free previews every month. If you don’t foresee yourself using it a lot, then you’ll be fine with this version. However, if you need more than the 50-limit preview, then there’s CloudMagic Pro which gives you unlimited previews for $4.99 a month.

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