You Can Leave The Glowsticks At Home – Diesel Now Selling Glowing Denim

Diesel's Flash For Fun Clothing Line (Images courtesy Diesel)
By Andrew Liszewski

As long as your nightclub/hotspot of choice has plenty of black lighting installed you can now wear your glowsticks with the ‘Flash For Fun’ clothing from Diesel. Everything in the new line, which includes denim, tees, underwear and sneakers, is specially coated so that it will glow with unique patterns and illustrations when exposed to a black light. And the glowing designs are completely invisible in regular light, allowing you to wear them during the day without looking like a complete and utter tool. Men’s jeans seem to run around $150 (100 Euros) while tees are about $38 (25 Euros) but this time you’re paying for more than just a name.

[ Diesel Flash For Fun Line ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]

13 thoughts on “You Can Leave The Glowsticks At Home – Diesel Now Selling Glowing Denim”

  1. The only bad thing is when they make it in plus sizes and it's like a blinding sun. I know I couldn't wear it without blinding someone. It's like thongs, they should only be worn by less than people. Neat idea, though. Also they would still bring their glowsticks, because ravers use it to make patterns and dance with, it isn't to light up the floor.

  2. I don't know I can see it being a trend for a bit, but I really hope the example of full glow in the dark jeans only come in small. That's too much glow fabric for anything bigger. I do think it will only be popular with the clubbers.

  3. Awesome, but still doesn't justify paying that much for clothes. I mean, if you want something flashy for a rave or whatever, cheap jeans + fabric paint and a little creativity and you're set.

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