You Can Allegedly Wear This Shirt Non-Stop For 100 Days


We’re pretty certain this headline got the attention of at least some of you. Because, let’s face it, hardcore citizens of the Internet will likely grab any opportunity to remain hygienic without making any sort of effort. So if this shirt by Wool&Prince actually does what it claims, you could wear the same shirt for up to 100 days without ever washing or even ironing it. How? The company claims some kind of extra special wool fabric, extolling its moisture absorbing qualities (better than cotton, really?), its fold-resisting abilities, its superior durability and breathability. And this is no grandma’s itchy wool either; they’ve made sure to make this shirt extra soft. So you can crumple it up in a ball, toss it in a bag and have a shirt ready to wear right after a workout at the gym. No… shower required…

Yeah, we’re still going to be washing this thing and we’re not suggesting anyone actually go 100 days with the same shirt. But, if the claims are true, it appears you can. You’ll pay for the privilege, though, at $98 per shirt.

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