YikeBike (Image courtesy YikeBike Limited via Wired Gadget Lab)

YikeBike Now Available For Sale

YikeBike (Image courtesy YikeBike Limited via Wired Gadget Lab)
By Andrew Liszewski

The YikeBike caught our attention last year as another electric commuter alternative to a car, like the Segway. But unlike the Segway, which was banned left and right when it became available, you probably won’t have any trouble riding the YikeBike around city streets since it mostly looks like you’re just riding a bicycle. Made of carbon-fiber the YB is capable of going up to 6.2 miles on a single charge, and tops out around 14mph. Not exactly Chevy Volt ranges or speeds, but it should suffice if you live and work in an urban area. And since it folds down, you’ll never have to worry about finding parking.

And while it might provide a bit of sticker shock if you’re trying to decide between the YikeBike and a regular bicycle, last year the company was estimating a price tag of ~$5,500, where as you can officially buy one now in the U.S. for ‘just’ $3,595. I don’t know if it’s a case of them grossly overestimating the cost to make it seem slightly more affordable when it actually went on sale, but it’s a nice change when something so unique ends up costing less than expected. (COUGH! OLPC COUGH!)

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  1. All you gotta do is add a colorful light bar on the back, and do one of those long exposure pictures and you got yourself a light cycle!

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