Yet Another Memory Card Format May Be A Decent Idea

By Evan Ackerman


The MMCA (the Multimedia Card Association, of course) has recently approved a new standard of memory card to join the litany of already existing memory card formats that justify the purchase of 52-in-one memory card readers. The new cards, called miCards, are able to interface with both MMC and USB, which is certainly useful. Initial capacity will be 8 gigs, with a maximum capacity of over 2 terabytes, and initial transfer speeds of 480mbps. Most MMC cards are compatible with SD slots, and the USB connectivity is a welcome feature (along with the speed and capacity, of course). It only remains to be seen how widely hardware manufacturers (as opposed to memory card manufacturers) choose to adopt the standard, which should make its first appearance toward the end of this year.

VIA [ Computerworld ]