Yes, The Electric Wakeboard Is Happening


The thing about electricity-powered vehicles is they have to reach a critical mass, a point at which their use doesn’t involve a dramatic sacrifice of convenience, for consumers to pay attention. Tesla cars, for instance, don’t compromise on range, performance, or safety, and are thus enjoying widespread adoption. Electric wakeboards, however, could have easily been ignored if they didn’t have the kinds of numbers the Radinn Wakejet Cruise has: 25 knot speeds, for 30 minutes, at full speed, with a 1 hour charge. That’s 28.8mph, or about 46.3kph, which is pretty darn fast for a floating board. It accomplishes this with a carbon fiber and kevlar construction, which keeps the weight down to 29kg (63.9lbs), and an electric brushless motor that’s “nearly silent”. You don’t need waves wherever the Radinn Wakejet Cruise goes, but… you do need a heck of a bank account. It’s a $19,375 purchase. Yeah, so, about that critical mass… it sort of goes like this: affordable – good range – fast, pick two.

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