Yamaha YSP-1000 Reviewed, Verdict: Worth Every Penny

yamaha YSP-1000By David Ponce

If running wires all over the place in the quest of the perfect surround sound solution places your relationship in the path of impending divorce, then there are a few options open to you. You could simply abandon your plans, and meekly watch your movies in good ole stereo. Or, you could purchase Yamaha’s YSP-1000.

It’s not exactly new, but the guys at I4U got their hands on one and gave it a good go around. The 13kg, 1meter wide beast is made up of 42 independent drivers that bounce sound off your walls in order to give you the illusion of true surround.

After the easy setup, I was of course excited to try it out. I popped in one of the Matrix DVDs and leaned back on the sofa. I searched for scenes where things or people were flying around and I was totally blown away by the surround sound effect. The sound is crystal clear and I can experience the spatial located sounds. At first its kind of magic as I just look at the box in front of me. But the sound is coming from the side. Did I mention I am sitting in front of a 106 inch screen? Life is good.

How much? Well, this is interesting, actually. The reviewer bought it in Europe, for 750euros, or roughly $900. But, in the US, Amazon charges $1,500.

Read the full review at I4U.

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