XYZ Imaging Full-Color Animated Holograms

XYZ Imaging Full Color Animated Holograms (Images courtesy XYZ Imaging)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s time to take down that Escher poster you have left over from college and replace it with something a little more suitable for the 21st century. XYZ Imaging, a Montreal-based company has developed a new type of hologram that not only appears in full vivid color, but also has a very realistic 3D effect and can even be made to playback up to 6 seconds of real-time video or animation as you walk past them. (Check out the XYZ website for a moving flash version of the above poster. My crappy collage doesn’t do it justice.)

The holograms are front lit and are designed so that they maintain the same contrast and colors across a greater viewing angle unlike traditional holograms which usually have a ‘sweet spot’ for the best effect.

Most importantly though is the fact that XYZ will do custom holograms for anyone who wants to order them (and provide the right source material.) The cheapest version available is 6.7 inches by 9.8 inches in size with a 0.062 inch pixel size and runs $321 (US). The most expensive version comes in at 47.2 inches by 39.4 inches with a 0.062 inch pixel size and it runs for $3,305 (US).

[XYZ Imaging Full-Color Animated Holograms]

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  1. This will be one of those pictures on the wall you just have to keep walking backwards and forwards to watch. Could be good for advertising as the movement would definatly catch peoples eyes.

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