XM SkyDock Turns Your iPhone Into A Satellite Radio Receiver


By Chris Scott Barr

I haven’t jumped on the satellite radio bandwagon, mostly because I’m happy with just hooking up my iPhone and listening to my collection of tunes. However, for those that aren’t content to listen to their iTunes collection in the car, you might be interested in this XM SkyDock, which turns your iPhone into a Sirius XM Radio tuner.

This, combined with the corresponding app, gives you full access to all of Sirius XM’s lineup (unlike the regular Sirius XM app, which omits several key stations) from your iPhone. The SkyDock plugs into your car’s cigarette adapter to not only provide power to your phone, but it also allows it to transmit audio to your stereo through the car’s electrical system. This will work when playing music through iTunes, as well as Sirius XM. Another cool feature is iTunes tagging, which allows you to tag a song you hear so that it can be purchased through iTunes later.

The kit will be available sometime in the fall for $120, plus the cost of a Sirius XM subscription. Any iPhone or iPod Touch running 3.0 software will work.

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