XCM Best Tilt Gives Xbox 360 Controller Some Motion-Sensing Action

xcm best tilt

By David Ponce

Both Nintendo and Sony have motion sensing controllers, so it’s no surprise that Xbox 360 fanboys would get a little envious; who doesn’t want to play games by flailing your arms around? So it’ll be interesting for them to know that Team X-Tender has developed a tilt sensor that comes with an entire replacement shell for the back of your controller. Sure, it involves prying the controller apart and soldering 5 points (which puts it out of reach for many), but once that’s done, a simple on/off switch will activate the add-on. No other configuration is necessary, as it’s a simple plug-and-play (or rather, solder-and-play).

It’s $40 and comes in black or white, depending on your degree of Elite-ness. But keep reading for a video of the device in action, as well as links.

[ Product Announcement Page ] AND [ Purchase here for white and here for black ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

15 thoughts on “XCM Best Tilt Gives Xbox 360 Controller Some Motion-Sensing Action”

  1. Why not sell controllers as whole units? Pre soldered and all. Sure it would be $AU100 or around $US85 in one big lump. But I’d rather just get one complete and working as opposed to some DIY that could screw my controller if I make a mistake.

    How long till the genuine microsoft ones come out do ya reckon?

  2. “Microsoft just wants you to buy another $50 fucking accessory just like everyone else”

    Can’t you read? It’s non-official, so not supported by Microsoft. Do you really think Microsoft would want you to put apart your own controller and void the warranty??

  3. If games are going to be played live action style like the Wii, put it on the Wii otherwise leave motion sensing out. If it’s just going to use a controller, use nothing but control sticks and buttons. I found that out with PS3. Every game I’ve played on it with motion sensing, the motion sensor is utter crap It’s really annoying in games where you have to use it. I hope Microsoft does not go through with this.

  4. I wouldn’t suggest anyone to buy this. You would be wasting your time. For one, it’s not officially supported so no developer will make 360 games that require motion sensing. So in the end your buying something that will never be used.

    Second, even if MS does finally support motion sensing..well too little too late. Add on peripherals are rarely successful. The only one I know of is rumble and that’s because it;s a pretty simple step. Motion sensing is a different story. It can change the gameplay of a game entirely which would leave out those who don;t have motion sensing.

  5. Excuse me guys, whats wrong with having fun with your system. Some people dont have the luxury to buy the wii if they have the 360 or vis versa with the ps3. The 360 is its own console and should plenty of accessories and options for your system as much as possible. Am I the only one that sees putting a motion a sensor on a controller really rocks !? You spend COUNTLESS hours on the 360 playing games, and you lazy bums out there tellin me you cant take 5 minutes of your time to do a job properly ? its jus unscrewin and screwin back. And as far changing gameplay. Its up to the player how he feels to play, If motion sensor gives someone the edge then they will use it, and if others cant use it for their advantage oh wells, thats competition and thats were the strongest survives at any means neccessary! – im a true gamer and its in the year of 2007. We should expect to see motion sensors and other high tech gadgets. If not the sh*t gets boring after awhile.

  6. First…360 fans says:The sixasis control is the worst idea in the world & same with the wii…and now they are sucking the cock of microsoft…stupids..
    360 is a SHIT!!!

  7. umm hello the idea is that people can use the motion sensor for games that werent designed for it… microsoft have nothing to do with the manufacturing or sale of this so stfu wii and ps3 people because this is an awesome idea im gonna get one

  8. Well that looks like it works well… apart from having to take apart his controller, as soon as he started using it the plane was skidding along the ground. Unless microsoft brings out an offical controller I wouldnt bother with this at all.

    SECOND IT IS A AFTER MARKET FOR ALL THE DUMB ASSES (that means some one used there brain and invented something )
    thirdly I think if can’t soldier 5 wires then send it too me and I will charge you 85 bucks and warranty it

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