Xbox 360 Pre-Order And Other Coverage

By David Ponce

Okay, that’s it. I’ve buckled under the pressure. Here’s the token Xbox 360 coverage. As you know, it’s out. If you don’t know, please find a rock, and hide under it.

Also, you might have heard that it’s darn hard to get your hands on one. The hype is in full swing. There are reports of serious scuffles, ridiculous eBay auctions, cold weather campouts and probably a lot of broken hearts. All this over a game console.

Well, why not? Now, should you have a little bit of patience, and a disdain for any physical effort, I’ve come across a website that will allow you to order an Xbox 360 and get it delivered to your door. Atomic Park has 870 units arriving on the 29th of November and 2000 more on the 9th of December. If you order now, you get on the list and they will ship back out as soon as they get there. Yes, in time for Christmas, and it’ll only cost ya… $850. Yup.

Now, should you wish to take advantage of your new console’s networking abilities, perhaps you’ll want to do away with the cables and go wireless. For $100 you can order from a wireless network adapter that doesn’t look like turd and connects to the machine’s USB port.

And yeah.

That’s all I’m going to say about this. VIA Gadgetmadness and I4U.