XARA iPlay – Another iPod Friendly Jacket

XARA iPlay Jacket (Images courtesy XARA)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s nothing that really makes this particular iPod-compatible jacket stand out, but that’s probably why it caught my eye. The simple styling and color scheme help hide the fact that you’ve secretly got an iPod tucked away in a pocket, which is great if you’re worried about it getting stolen, or are just worried about looking like the type of person who would wear a jacket with an iPod remote on the sleeve. The jacket features a mesh lining, bungy sleeves and hem for wind protection as well as inner cuff hand warmers for those days when it’s cold, but not cold enough to wear gloves. It also features a set of ear phone loops near the collar to keep your earbuds from getting lost in the jacket when you’re not wearing them. It’s currently available from the XARA website for $150.

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