X10 Automated Poker Table

X10 Automated Poker Table

X10 Ten Player Automated Poker Table (Image courtesy Play Hard Gaming)
By Andrew Liszewski

So here’s another way to show your friends you’re truly the king of the gadget world. The next time they all come over for poker night you can upgrade your rickety folding table with this fully automated electronic version. Instead of using actual cards, the table features 10 12.1-inch touch screen displays and a larger 27-inch display at the center of the table. The cards are automatically dealt by a virtual dealer, and the players can peel up their hand by simply touching their individual displays.

Unfortunately, when something is particularly cool or high-tech there’s always a ‘catch’ that usually comes in the form of the price tag. The X10 table is no different, and will set you back $29,950. So if you do happen to pick one up, I’m sure your poker buddies will be happy to hear they can no longer enjoy any drinks or snacks within a 10-foot radius of the table.

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  1. Yay! Just what we need! Another ‘improvement’ to existing technology that wastes power and money to accomplish the same thing that could be done without using any electricity at all and for less than $1000!

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