WTFjeans (Images courtesy WTFjeans)

WTFjeans Feature A Gadget-Friendly Front Pocket

WTFjeans (Images courtesy WTFjeans)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve got nothing against the warm weather brought on by Summer (in my part of the world at least) but I have to say I prefer the Fall and Winter since cooler temperatures mean you need a jacket, and a jacket usually comes chock full of gadget-stashing pockets. While I can squeeze my iPhone into my jean pockets in the Summer, it requires some strategic re-shuffling so that there’s no keys or change floating around that might scratch it, and it’s altogether a bigger ordeal than it really needs to be.

But it appears I’m not the only one who suffers from a lack of pockets in the Summertime. Created by Sanja Rastovac and Pedja Puselja, these WTFjeans feature a dedicated gadget-pocket in the front, with a hidden pocket for a USB flash drive right next to it. While it’s big enough to store a host of different gadgets, it seems mostly designed with the iPhone/iPod Touch in mind since the pocket is lined with micro-fiber so it protects and actually cleans your toys when you put them in or take them out.

All-in-all just 1,000 pairs of WTFjeans are being produced, and starting May 31 the last batch of 500 will go on sale for about $134. (€109)

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