Wrong Number Generator Is Guaranteed To Make Your Office More Entertaining

Wrong Number Generator (Image courtesy Nerd Approved)By Andrew Liszewski

This innocuous looking piece of rubber-wrapped plastic doesn’t look like much, but it actually has the potential to give you hundreds of hours of entertainment… at the expense of others. The Wrong Number Generator does just what the name implies, it causes calls placed from the target phone to reach the wrong number. It easily connects somewhere between the phone and the telephone jack, and if properly hidden will make it next to impossible for someone to notice. And if you went as far as to install this thing in the wall, I’m pretty sure no one would ever figure it out.

What I particularly like is that the Wrong Number Generator is programmed to allow about 25% of the calls to go through properly, which can only increase the confusion of the person trying to make the calls, or even the tech trying to troubleshoot the problem. And if you’re wondering, the device does allow all 911 calls to always make it through, since that’s probably one thing you don’t want to be messing with.

At $89 from SpySite.com it’s definitely an expensive prank, but more than worth it in my opinion.

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  1. I’m so glad people are making great thing like this for jerks like me. It IS pretty expensive, but I can see myself buying, like, 3 of these during the course of this year. The only other features I can think of that would make this better is a programable list of numbers that you could put in as well as color options so that it would blend in to even light-colored places. Even, without these features, though, it’s still a pretty cool product. =)

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