WowWee Roboquad On Preorder, Roboboa In The Works

By Evan Ackerman


WowWee‘s Roboquad is now available for preorder for $99, with delivery in August. If you were a fan of the modable Robosapien, you might want to check out the specs on this spidery quadraped. You can either control it via the remote, or let it run around autonomously. In autonomous mode, Roboquad will navigate with it’s infrared sensors, reacting to objects and light and noise based on how you’ve set it’s “personality,” which is a function of levels of activity, awareness, and aggression. The remote lets you access 72 preprogrammed functions, and of course, you can customize movements and functions to the nth degree.

Even if you’re not really interested in the Roboquad, it’s worth watching the video for the synchronized dance sequence in the middle:

WowWee is also working on a Roboboa; more info on that (and a vid) after the jump.

Roboboa features many of the same functions as other WowWee robots, with sensors, movement modes, and programmability, although it should be noted that the Roboboa website alludes to a cannon of some sort. Make them autonomous, give them cannons… It’s only a matter of time. As an actual boa owner myself, I’m sure I’ll be spared.

The release date for the Roboboa hasn’t yet been set.

[ Roboquad Preorder ] VIA [ TechDigest ]

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  1. hmm… I dunno it was all very orchestrated. Notice that he never really lets them move too far foward, because the way they walk looks horrible.

    In short… never trust a man with an “indiana jones” hat on.

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