Would You Pay $2,300 For This Clock?

Would You Pay $2,300 For This Clock?


By Chris Scott Barr

How many ways can one create a simple clock? It would seem that the possibilities are quite endless. My latest find is this eccentric piece which features the hours on a bike chain. The chain is connected to a small motor which turns in correspondence with the hours. It’s not the most accurate of timepieces, as you’ll need to do a bit of guesswork on the exact minutes.

This Catena Wall Clock looks to be made of scraps, and might be something you’d see hanging in someone’s workshop. However, the $2,300 price tag suggests otherwise. Considering how simple it would be to make something similar, I can’t see many people bothering to buy one.

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10 thoughts on “Would You Pay $2,300 For This Clock?”

  1. Frankly, I have all the components within 100 feet of me right now but I think I'll pay the $2300 instead. Rich people can do frivolous things like that, lol!

    Wait, I just remembered, I'm not rich.

  2. See if I was rich, would I really want something like that in my clean all white mansion? I think it's pretty neat how they came up with the idea, and put it together.

  3. Honestly, I would be more than willing. I'd like to know who made/designed it of course, and other relevant information.

    The thing that gets me and totally sells it is that this is something I would normally right off as haute up-its-own-ass 'high'(indeed) art. But… I dunno, I really get it, I totally dig it in ways I'm embarrassed about.

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