Would You Pay $1,600 For An 8-Bit Mushroom PC Case?

By David Ponce

We all love us some Mario, and vintage gaming, and 8-bit things and whatnot. And sure, that PC case you see in the picture is nice and would probably give your desktop some swagger… But it’s $1,600. Yeah, that’s just for the case. This guy on Etsy makes them. He then says he’ll work with you to select the PC components you want, and assemble it all for you, install the drivers, etc… while of course adding the price of those components to the already stratospheric $1,600.

Then, he’ll ship it to you… for an estimated $200!

Yeah, we’ll pass. But hey, money has been known to burn holes in some people’s pockets, so knock your socks off if this is your thing.

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