Worlds Smallest, Lightest Satellite Radio Receiver

Delphi Roady XTBy Asim Waqar

Delphi, who manufacture products in the automotive, healthcare and consumer electronics industry, have teamed up with XM Satellite Radio and released the world’s smallest and lightest satellite radio receiver: the RoadyXT.

The unit comes with everything you need to get up and running in your vehicle: even a built-in wireless FM transmitter. You can even purchase a separate kit to make use of the unit in your home.

This sleek little thing has seven custom backlight colors you can select from and is small enough to be unobtrusive on even the most cluttered dashboard.

The only experience I had with XM was in a rental. I can tell you that, while not a life changing experience, it is like going from basic cable television to satellite television: more choice for the discerning consumer. If you think you need to move on up that way in the radio world, this gadget is probably a good choice.

Now the bad news. The RoadyXT’s $99 MSRP has eliminated the need for all those price-related jokes we like so much around here. So find something else to make fun of.

Visit the product page here.

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