World’s First Inflatable Speakers

inflatable speakers

By David Ponce

If you’ve grown tired of your cardboard speakers, perhaps then you can free up some budget dollars to spend on the allegedly world’s-first inflatable speakers.

With an output of 10W, they’re not that much lamer than some standard speakers included with bundles these days. But, when not inflated (think beachball), you can easily store them someplace convenient.

Mind you, the world price of inflatable speakers these days has hit a high of $51, translated from 40 euros. And, hell, at that price I think I’ll stick to my laptop’s crappy little tweeters.

[Product Page] VIA [Gizmologia]

24 thoughts on “World’s First Inflatable Speakers”

  1. In Stuff Magazine last year they had inflatable speakers, they said the sound wasn’t that great, but the convienence made up for it. And if your trendy then they are nice.

  2. World?s First Inflatable Speakers? I think you are a little behind the times. I bought a pair of inflatable speakers last November at a Dollar Store. They were almost worth the dollar.

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