Wooden Toy Tablet Teaches Kids About Tech

Depending on how spoiled your child is, this will either be appreciated and used as a fun teaching toy, as it’s intended, or just be thrown right back in your face for not being “the real thing”. We’re hoping your three year old doesn’t fall in the latter category. The Tinker Tablet is a wooden tablet, made to look like an iPad or something, but with no electronic components. Instead, there’s a wooden puzzle inside that looks like a circuit board, and whose pieces represent different components of a mobile device. What’s interesting is that these pieces can be assembled into a “cellphone”, teaching your tot from a very early age that objects like mobile phones aren’t magical pieces of plastic, but are instead a collection of separate parts that work together to form a functioning device.

When not assembled into a cellphone, the pieces fit into the tablet base, and a dry erase board slides over them to not only secure them in place, but allow the kid to draw… kind of like what people do with actual tablets. It could be a fun, interactive teaching tool that will get the little one’s tech appetite sharpened from a very early age. Currently on Kickstarter, the Tinker Tablet can be yours with a $50 pledge.

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