Alarm Dock (Image courtesy Areaware)

Wooden Alarm Dock Does Nothing More Than Look Stylish

Alarm Dock (Image courtesy Areaware)
By Andrew Liszewski

Product design is a battle between form and function, and ideally you always want it to end in a draw so there’s a balance between the two. But sometimes one side is the clear winner, and in this case it’s form that takes all the glory. Jonas Damon’s beech wood Alarm Dock is as featureless and functionless as it gets. It’s basically just a faux wooden alarm clock designed to hold your iPhone at an ideal angle so you can use it as a bedside alarm clock.

An opening on the back allows you to run the iPhone’s charging cable through so it charges over night, while a downloadable flip clock app adds to the retro charm. And I’m completely surprised that you can actually order one from AREAWARE for just $39.50. Sure it’s kind of expensive given it does nothing, but the rule of thumb is that designery things usually cost an arm and a leg right?

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