Wobble LCD Clock Wobbles & Tells Time – That’s About It

Wobble LCD Clock (Images courtesy Vat19)
By Andrew Liszewski

The advanced technology used in this Wobble LCD Clock is the same used in the Weebles toys from Hasbro and even those inflatable clown punching bags. By adding a particularly heavy base the center of gravity is shifted meaning that no matter how hard you hit this clock it’s always going to return to an upright position.

Unfortunately though that’s all the fun you’re going to get from it. Besides the LCD screen that displays the date and time the Wobble Clock does nothing else. It doesn’t even include some sort of motion sensitive mechanism to turn off an alarm when it’s bumped. Come to think of it it doesn’t even include an alarm either.

But as just a novelty or ‘design-minded’ item I guess $5.99 is not that unreasonable. Get it now from Vat19 in either gray, red or white.

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