WISHPAPER – The Ideal Replacement For Dead Turkeys And Shooting Stars

WISHPAPER (Image courtesy Paradoxy Products)By Andrew Liszewski

The next time you need to make a wish instead of killing, cooking and carving open a turkey to get to the ‘wishbone’ you might want to opt for this much simpler and cleaner WISHPAPER.

It’s a pad of 100 sheets of paper and each page has the image of a wishbone printed on it. On the bottom of the pad you’ll find a perfectly centered starting point for tearing each page in two. As the website puts it “the quantum unpredictability of tearing paper lets you make wishes and decisions by completely natural chance.” And on top of that think of all the pennies you’ll save since you no longer have to visit the local wishing well either.

Depending on what issue you’re trying to resolve the WISHPAPER is also available in DECISIONPAPER and LOVEPAPER designs.

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