Wiretape Is The World’s Thinnest Cable

By Chris Scott Barr

Running cable is a pain, regardless of what it’s for. Be it networking cable, wires for your TV, or anything else, it always gets tangled up and looks unsightly. Sure, you can try to run it through your walls, or install some sort of cable management system that hides it, but these aren’t always viable options. One company thinks they have the perfect solution, called Wiretape.

These Wiretape cables are super-thin (sadly we don’t have exact measurements) strips that are essentially flattened-out versions of your regular cables. They are so thin, in fact, that you can hide them away simply by affixing them to a wall and painting over them. This also makes them great for hiding under carpets and such. The cables are supposed to be rather durable as well, as they are touted to withstand extreme temperatures and can be folded numerous times. We should see these available in USB, HDMI, Cat5, VGA and other flavors sometime in September.

[ Wiretape ] VIA [ GearLog ]