Wireless Outdoor Speaker Also Solar Powered

Wireless Outdoor Solar Speakers (Images courtesy Firebox)By Andrew Liszewski

Now here’s a portable speaker that seems to do everything right. It’s about the size of a small trash can and has a 5W speaker capable of pumping out your tunes at up to 70dbs. Since it’s designed to be used outdoors where there’s typically a lack of wall sockets it also has a large solar cell on top that can be used to charge a built-in battery that should provide about 8 hours of use when topped off.

But it gets better. The speaker also wirelessly connects to any audio device with an included transmitter with a range of up to 150 feet. That means you can have your MP3 player hooked up to the transmitter in the house while enjoying your music in the backyard. And thanks to an included remote you can also control the speaker volume when you don’t want the neighbors to hear certain songs in your playlist you’re not proud of.

The Wireless Solar Speaker is currently available from Firebox for $196.40 but it seems it can only be delivered to addresses within the UK.

[ Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker ] VIA [ Gizmodude ]