Wireless Optical Road Mice

By Evan Ackerman

If your top criteria when it comes to a computer mouse is looks and not usability, then you’re an idiot potentially misguided, since most of the time, your mouse is entirely obscured by your hand, and you’re busy staring at your computer screen anyway. But hey, maybe you have a social life and people come over to your place and oggle your stuff and you need an awesome mouse that looks like a car.

Road Mice are 800 dpi wireless two button mice with a scroll wheel encased in a fairly detailed models of sexy automobiles, including Chevy Camaros, Ford Mustangs, and Dodge Chargers. The lights work, but it’s unclear whether or not the wheels turn. Each mouse comes with a unique VIN #, and for an additional $20, you can buy comprehensive bumper-to-bumper insurance with no deductibles. The insurance covers “mechanical breakdown, crashes, theft, fire, acts of god, parental repossession, beverage or water damage, earthquake, floods, drops, falling rocks, animal consumption, jealous friends or family members stepping on it, and anything else that typical insurance companies will exclude from coverage.” In the works are Pixar Road Mice, and battery-free induction mouse pads. Each Road Mouse will cost you $45.

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