Wireless Floating Speaker

Wireless Floating Speaker (Image courtesy Brookstone)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless your ‘pool’ happens to be a lake or other large body of water, I don’t understand why you’d need to have a speaker floating right next to you while you swim. Even a basic radio is loud enough to fill an entire backyard with music, so why add yet another item to a pool that’s probably already overcrowded with inflatable toys? On the other hand, when it comes to buying gadgets who really needs to ask why? Particularly when this floating speaker can wirelessly connect to and stream from an iPod dock ensuring your MP3 player doesn’t have to go anywhere near the water. For some reason I can’t find any info about the range of the wireless signal (besides that it operates at 915MHz) so I’m going to assume it will accommodate an average sized pool or backyard.

It’s available from Brookstone for $129.95.

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  1. I’d rather have a `boombox` type device that does not only FM but also WiFi. Then I can stream my vast audio collection to my backyard/pool area. I’ve looked into Sonos and the like but way too expensive for the application. A simple portable stereo that plays mp3s etc from a server would suffice.

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