Wireless Chime Lets You Know When The Mail Arrives

By Luke Anderson

The mailman shows up to deliver my mail around 10:30 every morning, and is usually on time. However, it seems that when I’m expecting something rather important, he comes just a bit late. Then when I open my mailbox, I have no idea whether he’s not been there, or I haven’t received any mail. It usually ends up being the former, as it is a rare occasion that I don’t get junk mail.

Here is a clever little gadget that will let you know the moment you get mail. Essentially it is just a simple motion sensor with a wireless transmitter. You stick one end to the inside of your mailbox, and the other somewhere in your house. When the mailman goes to stick in the mail, you’ll hear a chime. If you don’t mind hearing this thing go off every single day, then you can pick one up for around $50.

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