Wireframe Lamborghini Koenig Countach Can Be Yours For £40,000

Wireframe Lamborghini Koenig Countach (Images courtesy Benedict Radcliffe)
By Andrew Liszewski

It was originally created back in 2008, but Benedict Radcliffe is now hoping to sell his wireframe Lamborghini Koenig Countach sculpture for a mere £40,000, or about US $65,000. The 6ft wide, 14ft long Lambo is made from 160ft of 10mm steel rod which was painstakingly bent and welded to produce a rather striking piece that looks like it’s waiting for a pass through Pixar’s RenderMan to be complete. It’s unfortunately completely undriveable given it lacks a wireframe engine, and is painted a rather, um, striking tint of fluorescent orange, but finding a way to make the Countach look kind of cool again is an impressive feat.

[ Benedict Radcliffe’s Lambo! 2 ] VIA [ Times Online & Autoblog ]

Lamborghini Countach for sale.

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